Lecturer & Research fellow

BA (Pub Admn), MA (Pol Sc) Mlw; PhD Candidate, University of Cape Town
jchunga@cc.ac.mw    +265888638989

Mr. J.J. Chunga is a Political Science lecturer and Reseach Fellow at the Centre for Social Research of the University of Malawi. He is President of Political Science Association of Malawi. He is also the Program Coordinator for Mas­ters of Arts in Political Science.

Chunga joined the Department of Political and Administrative Studies in 2007 as a Staff Associate. He holds a Masters degree in Political Science jointly offered by the University of Malawi and Uni­versity of Bergen, Norway.

He teaches Comparative Political and International Relations and previously taught Politics of Southern Africa, Regional Intergra­tion and Cooperation, Politics of Development, Classical Political Thought, and Modern Political Thought. In his role as a Research Fellow, Chunga has conducted various studies in a wide range of areas but his main area of re­search interest is Democratization and Governance. Currently he is on study leave pursuing PhD studies at University of Cape Town.

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